Happy Birthday Anna!

One day I am going to pull prank after prank on you Anna. I can't believe I have gone 22 years without celebrating every moment of your April Fools birthday with a day full of foolishness. Just watch your back from here on out:)
Isn't it crazy that it was only a year ago that we went to Vegas to celebrate your 21st! Seems like forever ago. Last year we had some pretty cool matching shirts but this year is even better. We have matching tattoos! How cool are we?!
I really just love you so much and can't imagine my life without you.  I had longed for a sister my whole life and I will never forget the day that the adoption agency called mom and dad to say they were coming over to meet us. We ran through the house filling trash bags with any clutter and put them in mom's closet. Then I remember the call early on April 1st saying that you were almost here. We jumped in the car and headed to Oklahoma to meet you. By 11:00 pm we were thinking, just a little bit longer and you won't be an April Fools baby. At 11:21 pm you were born. The most beautiful April Fools baby I have ever seen. I was so blessed to be the first one to hold you. I will never forget it. I was in love from the moment I laid eyes on you. 
You are the sister I prayed for and the best friend I always needed. I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful birthday! 
We celebrated Anna and my dad's birthday both a little early this year so that we could all be together. Of course my mom got two separate cakes for them. Two cakes for six adults totally makes sense. I really can't complain, I enjoyed both so so much!

Happy Birthday Anna! 


jojo said...

What a sweet post for Anna! It is a wonderful blessing to have a sister!! I love you sweet sisters so much!!

kristen said...

that just made me cry! that was such a sweet post! happy birthday anna!

Misty said...

oh allison, between Ella's bday post & Anna's... I think I have gone through and entire box of kleenex! What a sweet sister you are! :)

Leslie said...

so sweet allison!! love how close the two of you are!! and love that you have matching tats!!

Lifethrualinds said...

That was the sweetest post Al! Love this. Happy birthday Anna!

The Armstrong Family said...

Allison, that was the sweetest post! Totally made me cry. Sisters are just the best, aren't they? ;)

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