1/2 Marathon and a two year old Isla Grace

Last weekend we got to celebrate this angel Isla turning two! I can not believe you are so big Isla Grace! We love you so much! Pretty soon you will be fitting into avery's shoes...just goes so fast.  Her bday was "Cookies and Milk" and everything was just adorable!
The next morning we woke up super early and did my second half marathon.  (I mean, #courage2013?  Too much with a hashtag?  I know.  Kind of douchy.  But applicable.)
It was hard and long but I am so glad that we did it.  Jennifer and Katie and I signed up after our 15K and my neighbor Allie joined in at the last minute.  I could not have done it without these girls and just so so thankful for people that push and inspire me past what I would do on my own.

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jennifer said...

we love you and were so glad to see you all weekend!!

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