DIY Cut offs

I have been experimenting with all kinds of dyes and paints with every article of clothing I can find at my house, lately.  These polka dot cut offs have been fantastic.  I pinned some last year and knew that this year I would have to give it a go.  I just used a dobber and some screen printing paint with clearly no order of where the dots should go at all :)
I also found these white jeans from forever 21 from years ago and searched around trying to find what I could do to them.  Once I saw future swimsuit/leg model up there, I knew what to do.  I went with more muted colors, but I want to try one with the bright colors too. (You cant really tell in the pic, but the top of my left leg is gray.)  I just got some RIT dye and painted them on, let it dry and then threw them in the wash.  They faded a little, but not too much. Make sure and let them dry for a while, or let them sit with the dye on them for a few hrs.
Happy weekend yall!

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