Soft Pretzels

We made pretzels this last week and they were the best pretzels we have ever made at home.
We used this recipe and it was not quite like walking right up to the lady in the mall and ordering straight from auntie annies, but it was pretty dang close.
sassy making pretzels
We had this place in vista ridge mall that we used to go to that had the best pretzels.  I dont know what it was called- something obscure I am sure, but it was so good.  I wonder if its still there.  Vista Ridge Mall.  Now that was a long time ago.
more rolling of pretzels
Sass helped me roll it out.  She has the highest baking aspirations in the family.
sass rolling out pretzels
overhead view of pretzels
I can always count on her to help me create something full of carbs or sugar.  Love her.
Then put butter on top (instead of an egg wash. I mean, doesnt butter sound better than raw egg?  I mean, I dont really know if it worked as well, but it was more fun just seeing the melted butter roll down the dough.  So goooood).
buttering pretzels
After they had butter all over them, we added some salt on top and cooked them for 6-8 min at 425 and then broiled them for 4 minutes to brown them.
sassy salting
They turned out pretty amazing.
sassy showing pretzel off
Jeff put cinamon and sugar alllll over his and I really think that is a great way to go.  Also, the recipe has like 5 ways to season it and they all look so good.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


The Payne's said...

Vista ridge mall is still here! And they do still have a pretty amazing pretzel place. mr. Pretzel or something like that!! Maybe when you move back up here we can go! It's just down the street from my house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks amazing! The last thing I need is a pretzel recipe, promise.

jennifer said...

i want one... like now! they look delicious!!! and that sassy is just gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

That pretzel place in Vista Ridge Mall is THE best. Brings back great memories. :)

lindsaylancaster said...

those look amazing!

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