dora, meet elmo

Since Ella was basically newborn she has had a love for Dora the Explorer.  I think it all started with Avery.  If Aves was ever watching tv it was most likely Dora.  I guess Ella always hearing it on the tv is what made her a fan from day one.  Don't get me wrong, I love Dora and Boots but I have been ready for something new that Ella enjoys watching.  I started to tivo different shows like Barney, Oliva, Backyardigns, Care Bears, and Sesame Street.  Well.....it worked!  She loves Sesame Street!  Maybe even more than Dora!  She gets so excited when it comes on and she trys to be like cookies monster when he eats his cookies, it is very cute to see.  
Anyways all this to say, we went to Toys R Us to get Ella a forward facing car seat and she spotted the "Elmo Live."  I pulled it off the shelf to show her that he talks (never intending to buy the over priced Elmo) and her reaction was priceless!  She couldn't stop laughing at him and it just melted my heart!  I had to get it for her.  It was a moment of weakness and Ella isn't even to the stage where she can talk and beg me for a new toy yet, ha!  Here are some pics of Ella and her new friend Elmo. 


Jeffbarstad said...

the pic of her kissing elmo is priceless!! i cant wait to see it in action!!

The Whitecotton's World said...

It is completely ok to breakdown and buy an overpriced toy. You will soon find out you will do it, and the interest fizzles 24 hours after you spend 30 minutes trying to get it out of the box. Back to boxes, tupperware, and wooden spoons.

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