first dress

so aly sent us this fantastic blog where this fantasticly cute family lives in brooklyn.  the mom is so cute and she does lots of fun stuff and makes, like, all their clothes. she is kind of my new girl crush.  so i copied her flowery design and made aves a dress.  not really to be worn while doing anything that involves moving of any kind (due to the fact that its hanging by my sewing...) but super fun to make.  hopefully i will get a lot better.  (it looks like there is something on it but its just the light reflecting off my lens...)


Bobby B. said...

You are amazing! It is darling! I love you Kristen! Thanks again for the wife you are to Jeff and the mom to 3 of the most precious things in our lives! May God continue to bless you daily! :)

Unknown said...

oh MY! I have been looking at all your projects. I should be sleeping or sweeping but this is MUCH more fun!

This dress is so great!!!

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