we heart mason!!

today ashley had mason hadley hicks!! and he is so amazingly cute, its unreal. and she looked so gorgeous after giving birth. it was just the best day. i am one of those annoying people who walks into the baby section of the hospital and tears immediately come to my eyes and i remember when my twins were born and then i want another baby and all that jazz. and jeff rolls his eyes at me and silently prays that i never really ask for another baby....but i probably will...but, today i am just so excited for gage and ashley that i cant stand it!! i know they are going to be the best parents and i just wish that i was going to be able to squeeze that cute baby everyday!
so, of course, i had to make shirts for us to wear to the hospital. i got the idea from MADE (of course) and used stencil paper for the heart.
i heart mason
aves was mad because ella was over and she didnt want ella to leave...gotta love that face.
and here is the little man himself. too cute for words. and brand spankin new. love it.
happy birthday mason! we love you!!


Brittany Strebeck said...

aww yay!! congrats! he is so precious.

Leslie said...

SO CUTE - Baby Mason and your fam!!! Love those shirts!!

Blair Wheeler said...

Congrats to Ashley and Gage!! I am looking forward to meeting Mason - he is adorable

You Are My Fave said...

That is so cute. I bet the family was so excited when you all walked in. What a lucky little guy.

dana said...

oh my gosh. Allison, your shirts are so great! Fun idea to have the whole family wearing them.
And thank you for the sweet comment on MADE today. That's so nice to hear :). And yes, Yellow and Gray have been on my mind a lot lately too :)
Have a great day!
- dana

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