rainbow cake

Everyone has probably seen a rainbow cake before, it has been all over the blog world for some time now. I first saw it on this blog a couple years ago.
Picnik collage
The first time I made a rainbow cake was for Ella's 1st birthday.
Picnik collage
I made one tonight for a friends birthday cake and forgot how fun it was. It's such a fun twist to the ordinary white cake:)
This is what went on as I cooked tonight...whatever works, right?
Picnik collage
Yes this is Dignan's water bowl that Ella is drinking from but please know that it had just come from the dishwasher and was full of fresh water:)
This picture is sure to stress my dad out! Growing up my dad had one very strict rule on road trips. No nerds candy in the car. A few of them would always seem to miss my mouth and end up on his floorboard, drove him crazy! Tonight I knew what it felt like to be in my dad's shoes. I have sweep my kitchen floor twice and still get a nerd stuck to my foot when I go get something from the fridge. Sorry that it took me this long to appreciate your rule dad, I now fully understand.


jan said...

That is hilarious!!! You are such a great patient mom to let her do that!!! All you need to do to clean up is bring in the dog or even go get Riley! Clean in NO time!!

Patrick said...

OMG I'm obsessed with this cake idea! I'm using it for everything and I might even make my own bday cake this year bc of it:)

Patrick said...

P.S. this is shannon not Patrick ha ha

Blair Wheeler said...

I love seeing the pics of baby Ella - she was such a cute baby and is so beautiful now too!!

jojo said...

Your are such a sweet creative mom and friend!!!

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