happy birthday pop-pa!

You will never guess who turns the big 6-oh today!
My Dad!
He is the most amazing man and I am so blessed to have him as my dad and Ella's Pop-pa. Talk about an all around perfect man! He has a calm and quiet presence about him but still stands out in a crowd. He is solid as a rock when it comes to loyalty, family, and golf. He never thinks twice about doing things for others before himself. I think the world of my dad and love him so much. He has a great sense of humor, but it wasn't until his surprise 60th birthday party last Friday when I saw just how funny he is!
Picnik collage
My dad has fantastic hair. It's thick and natural brown with not a gray hair on his head. People always think he dyes his hair because it looks so great.
Well...my dad decided that since he was turning 60 he would dye his hair gray! (so he thought) This was a little secret he kept to himself. Little did he know that we also had a secret we were keeping to ourselves. We were helping plan a surprise birthday party for my dad last Friday. He just so happened to plan his surprise hair appointment an hour before his surprise party. The two secrets came out at the same time and it was classic. Maybe one of my favorite moments.
My dad gets his hair dyed as a joke and thinks he is just going to a birthday dinner with 5 close couple friends. Instead he walks into a room with 80 of his dearest friends that came to celebrate his 60th birthday! I don't know who was more surprised, my dad or the party guests! I am still shocked by what my dad looks like with his new hair color and it just cracks me up! He went to Sally's Beauty Supply all by himself and bought a silver dye color. Somehow his hair turned more of a blonde than silver. He looks like a mix between Ken Barbie, Ted Danson, and George Jones! Oh dad...
Picnik collage
Ella's reaction was priceless. She couldn't stop rubbing his hair!
Anna and I still don't know what to think about it?! My moms reaction...lets just say she wasn't exactly thrilled about his new look:)
Happy Birthday to the craziest 60 year old man I know! I love you dad!


jojo said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest man!!! Thank you for all the fun times!!You made the party! You have always had this crazy side to you, I am glad to see you still have it. I love you! Jo

Brittany Strebeck said...

HAHA! oh my goodness that cracks me up. Your daddio is a funny, funny man.

Lifethrualinds said...

Such a fun party! What a great time and Happy Birthday Bryce!

AnnaP said...

ohh our dad. ha hopefully he wins some money with all the lottery tickets he is buying today. haha Happy birthday Dad

PRforRise-N-Shine said...

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