camp favors

They call themselves the "Magnificent Five."
Every hunting season my dad and his four friends go to the deer lease for the weekend. They go to hunt but pretty sure thats not the main agenda since they have only gotten 3 deer in the last 31 years! They bring camp favors for each other which I just love! It's been things like, burned cds, raccoon hats, camo snuggies, ya know...silly guy stuff.
Well they are going this weekend and I decided to send the "magnificent five" camp favors that I made for them. If anybody missed the blonde joke my dad pulled then read here.
He has now gone back to his roots and is brown headed again. Yay Dad!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I screen printed "Life is better Blonde" on the front of the shirts and ironed on a picture of my dad with his blonde hair on the back. I hope all the guys enjoy the camp favor.
Happy hunting guys! I hope these shirts help attract the deers.


Annap said...

love love love love it!!!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo dang clever ..... Those guys are gonna crack up.

Amanda said...

What a cute idea making the shirts :)

Thanks for the idea of the mini caramel apple bites for my daughter's party - they look yummy. Your 'Tiny Two' party post was actually what initially led me to discover your lovely blog :) I'm not sure what caramel/peanut chips are though or if we have them in Australia... are they like chocolate chips you put in chocolate chip cookies only caramel?

jojo said...

What a great way to acknowledge these guys. Another great memory!!

Kristin said...

This is too funny!! I bet they will LOVE their camp favors!!

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