mini boden

so my mom just sent the kids some clothes that she ordered from mini boden (thanks mom!!) and they are soooo cute! we are big old navy people, so its fun to spice it up a little. and mini boden is super cute.
the kids immediately swooned over their new clothes, stripped down (like they do 800 times a day) and put on their new swim swoops (as aves used to call them).
mini boden
i quickly noticed bens. speedo shorts. yup, my mom got the kid speedo shorts.
they are hilarious. i mean, hil-ari-ous. he looks like an 80 year old man with his receding hair line and big belly that falls over his skinny legs. i could not stop laughing. if mini boden wants a mini 80 year old model, we have their man.
hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe has time to slip into their swim swoops.


Blair Wheeler said...

What a great post to kick off the weekend! I need a framed copy of Ben in his itty bitty shorts :)

Allison said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm laughing out loud! That is fantastic! Ben is rockin it!

Brittany Strebeck said...

haha i love these!! it was SO great to see you guys last night. it needs to happen more often!!

Anonymous said...

Mini Boden is great! If you love them you should also check out www.garnethill.com for the girls. The clothes are really cute, really well made and they have been having some amazing sales. Unfortunately they don't have boys but the girls clothes more than makes up for it!

Camila said...

HA! Love Ben's speedo! He totally embraces it (like you must if you wear a speedo!)

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