happy easter

Lindsay, Kristen and me combined our love for elastic waist skirts and matching on this Easter Sunday. We all made some elastic waist skirts with different colored searcuckered fabric and wore them to church today.
We are still in Colleyville so we went to the same church as Lindsay this morning. We know it's kinda dorky to match but we just can't help it:) We just love it!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I used yellow searcucker for me and Ella's skirt and I made coordinating hair clips to match. Kristen and Lindsay used blue searcuckered for their skirts. Next year Kristen will have to teach us how to make a tie so the hubbies will match too. Pics of Kristen's fam will be coming soon.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday.

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Lifethrualinds said...

AHHH! We just can't help ourselves can we!? Who can pass up an opportunity match? So fun seeing yall in church today! We wish you were there every Sunday!....Also, so glad Ella is using her Easter basket still! Love yall!

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