russian dolls

Today is Kinley's first birthday party and we are so excited! I painted a set of Russian dolls for Kinleys birthday present and they turned out way better than I thought.

I ordered a set of 5 plain Russian dolls from Amazon and painted each one a different base color first then started with the faces. I put a gloss finish on them when I was done.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I then made them look like Avery, Ella, Ben, Sawyer and Kinley. I added a little something on each one to symbolize each kid. The theme for Kinley's birthday party was "ABC's" and "K is for Kinley." So to tie in the theme I painted the letter and name on the back of each doll.
Picnik collage
Avery loves to dress up in princess dresses and jewelry. Ella loves a good ponytail and can't go anywhere these days without a purse.
Picnik collage
Ben always has the biggest smile on his face and loves to read books. Sawyer has a love for shoes and always looks so cute in her little hair clips that Kristen makes her.
And then there is the birthday girl Kinley with her big beautiful blue eyes! She is holding a cupcake with one candle to show how old she is turning.
Picnik collage
I hope Kinley has a wonderful birthday and enjoys playing with her new Russian dolls. Happy 1st Birthday Kinely, we love you!


Unknown said...

so fun! i love these! i have 5 kids and i'm thinking i need to make some russian dolls of them!!! luv it!

Lifethrualinds said...

These are fantastic! Kinley will have these forever as a keepsake! Thank you for being so thoughtful! We were SO glad yall were there to celebrate!

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