pillow talk

so, you are my fave is one of my fave's and she had these cute fabrics on her blog and i immediately felt like i might need some for the party (and maybe for my life). i ordered a few fat quarters and one one yard piece and i just love them. they are from china and are japanese fabrics so they took forever to get here, but are so fun.
i dont have much that i can do with the fat quarters except pillows so i made a few this weekend.
i just did an envelope back (where you just overlap the sides so you dont have to use a zipper or button holes-im so lazy).
i may not use them for the party, but we will see.
but that got me thinking about their big kid rooms. i am really torn about whether i take the cribs to the new house or if i move them to big kid beds when we move. aves moved to a big kid bed when she was two and she did pretty good. but im going to make the twins share a room and who knows what two two year olds can do if they can get out of their beds...
anyway, back to pillows. i tried to take a nap today and all i could think about were pillows. i should be thinking about party stuff, but, no, just pillows. kills me.
so i got out some linen and tried to teach myself how to cord around the edges. i just used twine and wrapped it with fabric and sewed it to the edges. pretty easy. i added a stripe to the back to bring in some color. then i added a bird screen print. of course using MADE's directions.
bird pillow
its a little too big for the crib...so we will see.
the pillow case is a little big so i may need to adjust my work for sassy's. ill show yall how i did the piping when i make sawyers....


Blair Wheeler said...

The pillows are perfect for the party theme! I can't wait. And you are so trendy with the bird, it should be in the Pottery Barn catalogue - XOXOX

fromhousetohome said...

I love them Kristen!!!! You need to make me a bird pillow for the new house!!!

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