headbands in africa

these arent very good photos, but i just thought i would show you what my mom just sent me from africa of some of the girls (and one director) wearing our headbands!! they are so sweet to wear them and we are so excited!!
these are some of the tailoring girls wearing their headbands. arent they so gorgeous!
and this is margaret and she is the foundation's spiritual advisor for the girls.
and this is jim. he works with the foundation too and lives in africa and is obviously not aware of headband etiquette.
sorry the pics arent so good- we are just so excited to see them!!
and on this same note, i was reading flower patch farmgirl (who is just amazing) and saw these necklaces that are made by women in africa to help support their families and i bought one. you can read more about it here. she found it through this girl who is really just amazing. i read her blog and just cried and cried. she lives in uganda where she works with (or started?) Amazima ministries that give 50% of the proceeds directly to feeding the women and children, is a member of their little community and loves and teaches everyone about the Lord. its just amazing. her outlook on life is just so incredible and grateful and reminds me how important it is to keep my eyes up and my perspective on the Lord. and im just so thankful to be able to do something, even if it just so small.
thanks for always listening, reading and encouraging us. we are so thankful for you guys and so thankful for the opportunity to share our lives with yall.
hope you guys have a great tuesday!


Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Brittany Strebeck said...

that's just amazing. you girls brought so much joy to their lives through something so simple! i love it.

Shannan Martin said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word! You rock. :)

jan said...

That is so precious!! Blessings to you for blessing others!

Leslie said...

Those are so awesome. And off subject, but did you see Ben's pic on MADE? It made me so excited when I saw it. Yeah for you!! And your awesomeness!!

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