Dr. Barstad

so, guess who officially walked the stage and was called "Dr." for the first time???
i know, its pretty crazy.
and these kids too.
cele-brate good times, come on!
and we did.
and there is not a single photo from the party with my mouth closed. i get pretty excited.
and, unfortunately, i did not take any pictures at all.
so thats a bummer.
but the whole weekend was amazing.
jeff was hooded on friday and then we went to the partay. on saturday was the big event and they all walked the stage while the babies climbed all over the stairs, our families came and ate rosas with us and we sang "happy graduation" to jeff while he blew out candles for every year he has been in school...24. ya, un real. saturday night gage and ashley had their final night in lubbock and we all just sat around and listened to music and looked at pictures. it was one of my favorite nights of my life.
and sunday was the LOST finale. AMAZING. we loved it.
i know that there are probably mixed feelings about all of this, and i wont get into it all that much, except to say, that the speech that jack's dad gives to jack at the end was about how the people that you experience things in your life with are the most important things in life; that they help you become who you are and enable you to move on to be something better. and that felt like it was written for us. these med students became a family, since we were all kinda in the same boat (or they were in a boat together and ashley and i were watching them-either way...). we went through so much together, even though it was only a few years. and we all started watching LOST a couple of seasons into it, and then it became a regular event every week. then, after second year, the med school was split up between three campuses, and classmates had to move to either el paso or amarillo. a few got to stay and we (and gage and ashley) were part of that lucky few. but everyone else left. it was just so fitting that they got to come back, after a crazy (flash sideways if you will) few years, and graduate together and hang out for one last weekend at our house (where we spent SO many nights and days hanging out and bonding; they probably often felt very trapped here when i forced them to come over every day-very island like) before we all go our separate ways. it was very special to be able to end these last four years watching our favorite show (that so many have spent hours on blogs, magazines, websites, etc researching every possible detail of the show) and hear that speech that reiterated everything we have felt for each other. i know that its super insane and pretty weird to compare yourselves to LOST-dont get me wrong, i totally realize this. i realize that most of the world does not think that jacks dad is talking to them...what can we say? we are pretty dorky. but at least we know it? i dont know. but lets just say, we thought we were gonna be on jimmy kimmel afterwards, but apparently we werent invited.
didnt mean to get all emotional for the millionth time about moving and jeff graduating but LOST really gave me no choice.
so, thanks for the memories texas tech.
see you in another life, doctors.


Silver Strands said...

Wow! What a great experience, and CONGRATULATIONS!

Hehe, love the last line... oh, how I will miss Desmond!

Blair Wheeler said...

CONGRATS Jeff and friends! I'm proud of you.

Nina said...

Congrats Jeff! OMG I LOVED Lost too it was so great and sad and perfect!!

Melanie said...

Please tell Jeff congrats for me!

You Are My Fave said...

Very exciting. Congratulations.

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