cording pillows

here is how i put cording around the pillows. i am sure that there are so many ways to do this but this is what worked for me. i made it up myself, so it is not by any means a real way to do this. i would prob youtube a real video on this if you want it to be right...but here is what i have anyway....
i started out with good ol deborah norville yarn. i used twine last time and i like the twine better but you can see it through the white. so there ya go. thank you deborah
i then laid it on the side of my fabric that i wanted to use for the cording. i glued it lightly to the fabric all the way down the whole length of my fabric. i did it about an inch away from the edge so that you wouldnt be able to see it once i sewed it all together. then i folded it over and sewed it.
i folded it over once i got to the end and glued it down.
i needed more cord so i repeated the beginning steps and then put them together.
then i put it in between my two pieces of fabric for the pillows. the fabric has both good sides (the sides you want to see) facing each other (the grey part on mine is the extra fabric i added to make sure the pillow is covered on the back. its just extra). the cord is facing the inside and the rough outer edges are facing the outside. make sure that the line you sewed around the cording is on the outside of the line you sew to keep the entire pillow together.
and then i pinned everything in place...i dont always pin but there are so many pieces. and i usually iron all of it...not so much today. nap time was coming to a close quickly so i kinda skipped it. not really the best idea...
then i sewed around the whole thing and flipped it right side out and voila! a pillow with cording!!
and heres the back. i really should have thought more about ironing...
and then i added the bunting using the freezer paper stencils (again. i know.)
i am a huge fan of these pillows that are flying around the internet and just thought i would try them for sass's big girl bed (and she has some super cute ones!!). we will see. i actually, maybe like them better with out the cording...i may chop that off. ill let you know.

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