popsicles & playclothes

Wednesdays have become one of Kristen and I's favorite day of the week. Every Wednesday we meet up with some other moms for play group. It started in February with about 7 of us moms and has grown each week. Sometimes we have up to 19 kids! It's so fun and has been so neat to grow closer to other moms and share stories that everyone can relate to. We switch houses to host at each week. We call our play group "popsicles & playclothes."
This last Wednesday we threw Kristen a surprise going away play group party. It was very bittersweet.
The theme was "tears & cheers." We had tears for Kristen leaving and cheers for the kids birthdays in play group. We celebrated with a bounce house, all of Kristen's fav snacks, cupcakes, capri suns and the best photo booth ever!!! Aric built the photo booth himself! He's a genius and it doesn't stop there. Aric and his sweet wife are awesome photographers too. The photo booth was the hit of the party and it made for some sweet memories for Kristen to take with her to Tyler.
Picnik collage
Play group just isn't gonna be the same without Kristen, Aves, Ben and Sassy. You guys will be missed everyday, especially on Wednesdays:(


Blair Wheeler said...

What a sweet tribute to the Barstads! The play group looks like fun --- I want to join!! And I definitely want to rent out the photo booth.

Lifethrualinds said...

What a sweet party to throw! I am sure everyone felt so celebrated! So much fun!

Bridget said...

these pictures are so cute.

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