Alter Egos

aves mazz and sass
It was a big dress up day yesterday.
mazz aves and sass on porch
pretty sass
sassys bows
Perfecting her "look off into the distance" pose for her runway days.
model sass
They also got their outfits ready for Sunday.
Picnik collage
Sass had a little trouble finding the front of her uniform.
Picnik collage
and being happy about it.
ben and baseball
Played a little indoor baseball.
aves baseball2
Overall, fun was had by all.
Someday, maybe we will hit the ball.  Outside.


Carrie said...

a) love avery's dimples so so much.

b) love your green door.

c) this was the last post, but i love those muted pumpkins too.


the tichenor family said...

PRECIOUS little kiddos! Love their happy little faces.

And, your front door is fabulous! I want to come knock on it! ;)

Hayley and Aaron said...

Sawyer is looking so grown up! Love the close up shot of her, so beautiful! Hope you are adjusting and enjoying all your kiddos in school this year! PS I share your obsession with muted pumpkins...can't get enough!

Lisa said...

I LOVE THEM! Seriously.

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