Guess who's turning 30 today??!?!?!

Allison Leigh Booth.
Happiest Birthday, Al.
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(the ornament is her preggo belly)
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We spent the majority of our twenties life in crazy outfits, dressed up for any and every event we could think of- birthdays, weird hat/80s days at school, halloween, new years, national popcorn day, etc, driving back and forth to see each other, planning trips all over the place;
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Trying out for sports we didn't make ever, going to college, graduating, getting married, having kids, and moving all over Texas.  You were a dorm mom, a med school wife and then a real mom.
We have always kept up with the people from our past because they are the ones that know us and love us and who we love.  They made high school, college, Abilene, and Lubbock, what it was to us.  They are the people who made it fun.
I hope our thirties are spent exactly the same way.  Dressing up in crazy outfits for every occasion, jumping in 100% to everything, staying in touch with the people and friends we love, hanging out with the kids we already have before we think of having any more...and partying all the time.
In all of the good things that has happened, the common denominator is, well,
You are the friend that I have been blessed to share everything with.  Even if we weren't in the same place, I always knew you were somewhere with some champagne to pop or an ear to cry to.
No matter what kind of crap you have been through,
or cool thing that was totally unique and awesome that you thought up,
You have always been the same person.
Kind, strong, funny, genuine, positive and encouraging.
You make every event in my life better just by always being there.
I know that everyone you know feels the exact same way about you.
You are the best.
You are the friend that I can call over 100 times a day and never feel like I am annoying you.  You are the friend that can go anywhere for any event and say the right thing.  You never let yourself say anything you could possibly regret- or that is even negative.  You do not complain, discourage or want the best for yourself over others.
You are the strongest person I know.
You are the friend that I want to turn 30 with.
And 40 and 50 and 60 and hopefully 100 (because I have great plans for that party.  Everything in sets of 100 or maybe 20th century theme! ahh!).
You are the friend that is going to lead us (right behind aly) with strength, confidence, openness, faith and fun, into the best times of our lives.
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Picnik collage
Picnik collage
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You are a light to people and they are drawn to you.
You lead so quietly and so calmly but with so much dignity and integrity.
You are, without a doubt, the best.
The best friend, wife, mom, daughter, partner, call with good news to jump up and down with.
The best.
You are the friend that everyone should get to have-
The one that is happier for you than you are for yourself. The truly unselfish, content, kind, fun and beautiful friend.
(cheesy story sentimental break- it'll be fast, I promise)
I think I have told you this 100 times, but my favorite memory that I feel like describes our friendship, is when I was dating a guy in college and we were having some problems (I kind of asked him if he loved me and he kind of didn't answer and then told me he would call me in 3 days kind of problems).  I finally got it, in my dorm room bathroom after way too long, that he didn't love me.
 So, I walked down the hall to your room, opened the door and just said through tears running down my face, "he doesn't love me".
And you probably knew it too, but you had wanted to believe, just like I did, that he did love me and that it would work out.  You wanted to believe for me, just like you do with everything, that it would work out for the best.
It was super late and you guys were already in bed, so I sat down on your bed next to you and just cried silently.
I think the only sounds were you wiping your face with your sleeve from your own tears.
I don't think we talked.
We just laid there and cried and you were just there for moral support.
 I can't tell you what that meant to me. Right after the moment in my life where I felt the most unloved, I got to go to your room and kind of feel the most loved and supported.  Thank you for being there.
I hope you have an amazing birthday today and this weekend and that there are non stop celebrations until December :)
Let's make these next 30 years the best ones yet.


kristinbednarz said...

You can't do this to someone! Oh, my! Please post a tissue warning next time you post about a friend. I was fine until you wrote, "Right after the moment in my life where I felt the most unloved, I got to go to your room and kind of feel the most loved and supported."

I'm BAWLING over here.

Such a sweet, sweet friend to have and what a wonderful birthday present you gave her with this tribute.


Lifethrualinds said...

This post is so true! Al, you are so much fun, totally unselfish, completely inspiring, a leader, trend-setter but always approachable, always available, and just an absolute joy in our lives. I hope today is filled with so, so much fun, love and relaxation. Love you so much!

Brittany Strebeck said...

way to go, making me all teary this morning, kristen! what a perfect post, celebrating someone so special. happy happy birthday, allison!!

Miranda said...

What a wonderful post about a more than wonderful friend! Sounds like you two are more sisters than friends :) happy birthday!

lins said...

happy birthday allison!! love you so much!!! you are such a special person to so so so many people and i'm so glad kristen was able to capture some of your wonderfulness in this post!!

Nina said...

Yeah I teared up I can't lie! And I feel pretty cool that I made this post in not 1 but 2 pictures! Allison you are an amazing friend, wife and mom and I am blessed to know you and your perfect hair and beautiful face, with NO makeup. If I didn't love you I might hate you a little :) Love you, happy 30's guys I can't wait for a years full of parties!!

jojo said...

The most beautiful tribute to my daughter on her birthday!! Thank you Kristen! We had a wonderful time with you Allison and we love you so much!!

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