BIG day!

Do you see it?! Do you see it?! 
It's a SOLD sign!!!! WOO-HOO!!! Our house in Lubbock finally sold! What a great day! We have been waiting 15 months for this day and are so so thankful that it sold!

Other big news that happened today is that Ella filled her jar to the top!
She was so excited and we are headed to Target tomorrow for her to pick out a toy.

We also have a ballerina in the house! Ella started her first dance class tonight and she loved it. It is a ballet/tap combo class and just the cutest thing to watch!
I grew up taking dance as a kid and loved it. I remember one of my mom's friends (Jo Beth) telling me I would be a wonderful ballet teacher so for the longest time thats what I would tell people I wanted to be when I grew up. (I dreamed big) Then that dream turned into being a teacher so I got my teaching certificate but have never actually taught. Maybe someday...but as for now I will happily live my ballet dream vicariously through Ella. I can't wait for her recital!!!
Ella helped me make her a dance bag today. We went to hobby lobby to buy a pink tote bag. I then used my silhouette to cut out ballet shoes and Ella's name on freezer paper.
Then I ironed it on the bag and we painted the stencil with pink fabric paint. 
It turned out pretty cute and is the perfect size for her tap and ballet shoes.  

I'll end with this.
Crispy southwest chicken wraps. Easy, fast and delicious! 


Misty said...

whoo hoo! so excited your house sold!! I'm hoping ours sells fast... or not- I love where we live- so Im happy either way, I just don't like having it on the market & having to shove toys under the bed last minute! ha ha One of my friends has a dance studio here in town & masyn is taking dance on monday mornings. It's so precious. I stocked up on tutus at Target for $5 and then Ill have to find the link, but I found some really cute dance outfits on etsy- I'llpass it along asap. I have a mr potato head party all planned out for Masyn, then she decided he was 'scary' Back in Feb Tirita offered up her dance studio to us for Masyn's party because she knew we were putting our house up for sale & I'm a planner... It a dance/minnie mouse theme- wish me luck lol

shae said...

i'm so happy for you! what a blessing/load off your shoulders. our house sat in tennessee for a while and i found it so stressful. hope you all are having a great friday!

Nina said...

Yay for the house and Ella getting to the top! Another genius mom move by you!

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