Responsible Student bribed with Dairy Queen and a fantastic weekend

This weekend was a blast.
A literal blast.  Non stop fun.
Last week had its ups and downs, but on Friday Avery jumped in the car and told me that one kid from her class had gotten a free sunday at DQ for being the responsible- and it was her! She was so excited!
 I really have no idea how it happened, except that most other kids probably don't even know what dairy queen is because their parents are probably "healthy" and stuff, and since avery knew she was probably on her best behavior.  We love us a mini blizzard.
She got a caramel sunday this time, though.
Way to go Avery!! She had to show Mazzy so we threw her in the car too and all went to celebrate, charge free.
Then we went home and got to hold baby Ty and he was just the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!! And it was so much fun to see Lindsay (who looks like a million bucks!) and Kinley.  They let us just tear up their house and let Ben go hunt with Jeff, so, all around we were thrilled.
Then my cousins had their first annual Harmon Family Picnic and it was so much fun. Their house is gorgeous and they brought in a band, horses to ride, a bounce house, made shirts- overall it was our kind of party.
And Bob and Allison and Ella and McKenna all came too!
They had the cutest bean bag throw with all kinds of prizes you could win! It was so much fun.
Picnik collage
Ben wanted to see and pet the horses, but was wayyyyy to afraid to actually ride them.
And then we went to the cowboy game on Sunday for some exciting news.
My amazing cousin Lindsey and her boyfriend Andrew got engaged!!!!!!
Head to her blog for all the details, but I just wanted to say how incredibly happy for them I am.  Lindsey is such a thoughtful, kind, smart, fun, hilarious, caring, perfect cousin and I am so thankful for her creativity, thoughtfulness, humor, always putting others firstness in my life.  She is always planning some kind of fantastic event for someone else in her life and it always ends up so much fun and so so thoughtful.  Andrew, is also, so so thoughtful, kind, others focused, hilarious and creative.  They are SO cute together and so much fun to be around.  I could not ask for a better or neater family and I am so thankful that Andrew is officially apart (even though he basically was before).
SO excited for you guys and just so excited to talk nonstop about wedding and party fun!!

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