Candy Corn Wreath, an amazing gift & Cheese Pizza

I had seen this perfect-looking cheese pizza/cheese sticks on pinterest and since avery loves cheesy bread I thought I would give it a try. 
Well I put way too much cheese on it so it didn't brown on the top very well, but they were still pretty good.
This girl liked it.
and my mother in law just gave me this awesome bread bowl for my pumpkins so I have to keep showing it off.
Sass made me take her pic over and over and I hated it :)
Picnik collage
Once we had eaten that in the middle of the day, not in any kind of meal environment,
we made a candy corn wreath.
I am a health nut.  I know. Its so obvious.
Picnik collage
Big helpers.
Picnik collage
I got a straw wreath ( I know.  I don't really know why I got straw except that it was cheap, but it was obviously a weird choice...)
and then just hot glued candy corn on it like I saw over here.  I would probably follow those instructions because we were pretty, umm, what would you call it, bad, ya, bad, at it.  It turned out prettttyyyyyy ghetto, but it was fun.
And we hung it up with some of the same burlap from the other wreath.
oh, and our day started out with hat day.
Too bad all we have in the hat department are ones for cold weather and they are ugly because I made them, but hat day nonetheless.
And, oh, I should have started with this, this just made my whole day- when I got home from running errands yesterday I got the most amazing gift in the mail-
Picnik collage
My friend Lindsay (y'all remember her, she bought so many scarves that she practically kept me in business and she had never even met me!!!) sent me this gorgeous bracelet (that I had just pinned) that she made with Jennifer!! Isn't it fantastic?!  Linds- you are so so so thoughtful; all of the time! I cant get over it!! Thank you so so much!
And in case you were worried that this house is only full of bad hats, too much cheese and tons of sugar, this morning ben just pulled down his pants and peed all over me.  Like, I had to shower he peed so much on me.
Its like a gross wet t shirt contest over here because then he peed his pants while we were in the chipotle line and it got on the floor and there was nothing I could do because there were so many people in line behind me and I just froze.  The girl behind me probably had to walk in it.
kills me.
Al, I am coming over to stress eat all of your birthday candy.

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the tichenor family said...

you are SO awesome. seems we have the same food pyramid priorities... love that! i so want to eat all of that cheesy bread by myself. and if i came over-- i'd probably walk by and eat some glue covered candy corns off your wreath! :)

you make me laugh! hope tomorrow is a less pee-filled day for all of you!

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