weekend recap

Bob is on anesthesia this month and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! For a while there, I was a little worried about how in the world I was going to make it through this first year of residency. I am thankful for the ups mixed in with all the downs:) It's nice to have a good month to get me renewed and ready for another tough one. 
Anyways, all that to say is that we are LOVING this month and all the real face time we are getting with Bob! He had this whole last weekend off and it was so nice. So nice to see him so much and also so nice to have an extra helping hand when sweet McKenna got a tummy bug on Saturday. 
Even with a sick 9 month old we still had a blast on Saturday. We took a very last minute trip to a deer lease that my dad and his buddies hunt at. My dad just got this cool hunting 4-wheeler/truck type thing and he was taking it to the deer lease while he set up some deer cameras so he called us to see if we wanted to meet them there. We said yes and he said wear your camo. He bought Ella her very own camo shirt a while back and it is one of her favorite things to wear these days so she was very excited to put it on. Bob and I needed camo so on Friday night we took a family trip to Academy to get a shirt for Bob and I to wear. Thats when I spotted the camo overalls. I couldn't pass them up. 
So Saturday morning we all put on our camo and headed to the deer lease. We sure did miss Anna! Boo for school on Saturdays but yay for cosmetology school!
Ella had a blast. More than once she would randomly say "this is just so much fun." She is going to be my camper for sure. Which I wouldn't have said about her when she was a baby. She was the kid who didn't want her skin to touch the grass or dirt. McKenna on the other hand would eat dirt for every meal, so looks like both my girls are ready for the outdoors.
We drove around in the truck for hours and got rained on and covered with mud but it was so fun. Even in between McKenna throwing up she was still all smiles.
I shot a gun for the first time and hopefully my last time. It was crazy. Not at all what I had thought it would be like. It was so powerful I couldn't even hold still or keep my eyes open when I fired it. So hopefully I will never have to be in a ready, aim, fire situation because I can do none of them.
We headed home Saturday night and didn't go to church on Sunday because of McKenna being sick. She ended up getting a little bit worse and is still sick today. Poor thing. I was the crazy mom though who took her into the doctor this morning just to make sure she was ok and of course everything is fine. (just like my doctor of a husband told me) It's just a bug that is going around and should be over soon. 
Yesterday was a fun rainy, watch football, fall asleep on the couch kind of day. I loved it. It's not very often that active Kenna just lays on me so I soaked up every minute of it.
During McKenna's morning nap Ella and I did a rainy day activity and made our very own ISPY game. It was so fun. We gathered small things that we sewed into a bag filled with rice. Saw this idea on pinterest which originally came from this blog.
Ella's idea of helping me sew is pushing my foot down on the pedal. Always good to have a backup pedal pusher, you know just in case you get a cramp or something...
We took a picture of all the objects we put in the bag and then laminated it with packing tape. There is a pocket in the back to hold the paper and dry erase pen. Once she finds an item she can cross it out on the paper. 
We ended the weekend with a delicious dinner that all came from pinterest. Blue cheese (again) recipe here, salmon recipe here (I used second recipe) and potato skins recipe here. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a wonderful Monday! 
Speaking of wonderful, how fantastic was all of Kristen's crochet stuff?! Makes me want to bust out my needle and yarn. Might need a quick ichat tutorial from Kristen first. I might be a little rusty...


kristen said...

cutest pictures I have ever seen!!! are you kidding me mckenna??? and ella with the ponytail-braid-ponytail! and the socks and everything! oh my gosh I just loved it. love it all. that should def be your christmas card...and I gotta say, your daughter picked out some beautiful shoes for you! i want some ella!! I love them!

Byrdi said...

Haha, you just weren't shooting the right type of gun for you. I've been shooting since I was 6 and I'm a tiny girl. Quite literally, I'm about 100lb naturally. I use AR15s and .22 caliber rifles...I don't skeet shoot or use shotguns. You just have to find what's right for you!

Lifethrualinds said...

I love those camo pics! You all look beautiful! Ditto on the shoes...I may have to copy...love them. Love the I spy game too...you are such the fun mom.

Leslie said...

Only you - Allison could look that cute in Camo!! Your mom looks adorable as well. Such cute pictures!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Oh I need to know what kind of shoes! I love them so much!! :) Great pics, we love us some camo around here too!!

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