I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

For those of you that are on the edge of your seat about my latest fluffy cookies, here is an update.
First of all, thank y'all SO much for all the cookies input! We love getting comments and it was so fun to get ones with cookie tips! It is because of y'all that I have made any progress at all.
Sweet Julia commented and attached a link to a recipe that she said solved her flat cookie problem. When I read the ingredients I was very surprised to see vanilla pudding and crisco in the recipe. Those were both new to me but I was ready to give it a shot so the next morning I went straight to the store to get my pudding and crisco.
Ella has been loving this lets bake cookies every day phase I'm going through.
It really worked! Look how beautiful my cookies turned out! Thank you Julia! Click here to get recipe.
I have nothing bad to say about these cookies, they really were so good and the perfect amount of fluff. But...Kristen's cookies can not be toped. They really are the best cookie I have ever had. So now that I know I am capable of baking a fluffy cookie I am going to give Kristen's recipe a few more tries with some of y'alls great tips! On a random note, all this talk about fluffy has made me think of my favorite book called A Porcupine Named Fluffy. I read it to Ella tonight and she loved it too. It's pretty funny so if you are looking for a good children's book you should totally check it out.
Anyways, thank you guys so much again and I will keep you updated.


Misty said...

Im going to bake these with masyn since her good girl.jars are filled to the cookie now :) im also going to check out the book. I thought of you the other day when we read Not a Box Ella would love it.:)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Ohhh, is Kristen's recipe something she shares? I would love to try them! :)

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