B is for Bob

Bob turned 35 on tuesday so we celebrated him with a fun and very kid friendly family party at home tuesday night. The theme was B. (thanks to Kristen for getting me going on that one) Everything started with the letter B. The gifts, decor and food. Ella has been doing letters of the week at school so she jumped right on board with the B is for... party theme. The first thing she thought of that started with B was barbie. She was so excited for Bob to see the barbie she picked out for him. What grown man wouldn't want a tiny ballerina barbie for his birthday?
 After my mom had made the number pinatas for my birthday I was excited to give it a shot. I made a B pinata and it was very easy to do and turned out so cute. I bought blue (sticking with the theme) cardboard from hobby lobby and just free handed a big B with an exacto knife, then I duck taped it all together.
I didn't really mean for it to be so life size.
Ella helped me glue squares of tissue paper all over it and then we filled it full with all things that start with B.
Once I got going on the letter B theme everything seemed to all fit into the theme so perfectly. On Monday night Ella and I stayed up till midnight watching megamind and icarly while hanging balloons across the ceiling for a fun little surprise when Bob woke up. We also made a batch of Kristen's famous chocolate chip cookies for Bob to take with him to work on his birthday. Of course they turned out flat as a board (always happens to my cookies) but they still tasted delicious. Why wouldn't they though, there are only 3 sticks of butter in them!
I decided to make sticker labels for each item that started with the letter B. I had so much fun with these and kinda got label crazy. I put a sticker on pretty much everything. Even Bob.
I made my labels using my silhouette and then printed them off on sticker paper.
I put stickers all over the pinata with the things that were inside of it and then wrapped the other gifts. My parents had sent some things in the mail for Bob and they just so happen to fit in with my B theme so it was perfect!
I made the pinata out of some pretty heavy duty cardboard so it wasn't the easiest to bust open. Ella cheered Bob on as he tried to break it open with her golf club but in the end he just ripped it apart.
My dad picked out this shirt for Bob and I thought bodacious was the perfect B word for it.
The Bucket list gift was a favorite of mine. I had been carrying this list around with me for years and was so excited to finally give it to Bob. When we moved into our Lubbock house I remember stumbling upon a box with some of Bob's college papers in it. As I was going through them I found this list that he had written during college. It's a pretty amazing list. I didn't show or tell Bob that I had found it because I thought it would be neat to give to him one day. So I put it in a ziplock bag and tucked it away in the side zipper pocket of my purse. I had hopes of taking it somewhere to get professionally framed and restored and giving it to him maybe at the end of med school or residency along with something from the list. Well that never happened so when I was thinking of things that started with B the word bucket came to mind which made me think of Bob's list that I had been carrying around with me for years. It was perfect. So I bought a frame from Target and framed Bob's bucket list for him to see. The title that he had written on his list was "Things I would like to do with my life and right now."
When I first read this list I was so moved. It is amazing to think that Bob was thinking about these things as a sophomore in college. If I had made a bucket list in college pretty sure my number one thing on the list would have been something vain like lose freshman 15 20.  He has such a big heart. One of the many many reasons why I love him.
After opening presents we ate a delicious dinner that all started with B. Brisket, baked potatoes and blue cheese wedge salad. I didn't get any pics of dinner but you can go here for brisket recipe and here for blue cheese dressing recipe.
And then there was birthday cake!
Bob's favorite kind is chocolate cake with white icing. McKenna's not too sure if it's her fav.
We ended the night by playing with some of Bob's presents. Ella picked out a board game for him that they could play together. It is a cute game where an elephant shoots out butterflies and you try to catch them with a net. The other board game I got Bob was called Things and if you have never played it, you should. It is hilarious. It's a good group game for adults that will make you laugh till you cry.
Then we had some fun with balloons. I put a glow stick in some of the balloons. They didn't make for the best pics but how cool is that?
Such a fun night celebrating my bighearted, bold, brave, bright, brilliant, brunette and beautiful birthday boy Bob!
This post was brought to you by the letter B.


Miranda said...

Beautifully brilliant!! I love that all of your parties show how much you love the people in your life. It's makes saying, "Happy Birthday" so much more sincere when others see how much hard work you put into celebrating them! :)

Camila said...

I continue to be amazed by your birthday celebration skillz (you know it's legit when it's skillz with a z). Also I love the bucket list. Just amazing. That Bob is a keeper! (As if you didn't know!)

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the 'B' theme! You went all out...as usual and it could not have been better! So thoughtful and sweet and again you are wife of the year! Happy Birthday Bob!

Lifethrualinds said...

P.S. maybe if Ben never sees this...I can copy it for him :-)

jojo said...

Everything turned out perfect! I know first hand how special you make someone feel with your attention to detail! You are amazing at this! The example you are showing your precious girls is priceless. The perfect birthday family night!!

Laura said...

This is solo cute and clever! I'm sure it made him feel so special. Hubby's name is Brian so I may just need to steal some if these ideas!

P.S. If you scoop the cookie dough and then chill it for about 15 minutes in the fridge (on your baking sheets) it really helps chocolate chip cookies not to spread as much... at least for my recipe!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Also, on the flat cookies, I've noticed that mine go flat if my baking soda/powder is a little old! Not sure if that's in your recipe, but when I use a new box of baking soda, up they puff! Just a thought! I love the balloon garland!! So fun!

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