the adventures of pippi longstocking...

and her sidekick the elephant. 
Ella and McKenna dressed up in their costumes for three nights in a row and they loved every minute of it. McKenna's costume was actually one that I had bought for Ella when she was a baby but never ended up wearing. I made Ella's Pippi costume and we bent a clothes hanger into a headband shape with the two ends sticking out straight for her braids. I just braided her hair around the wire and they stayed put all night.
I honestly thought that by tonight they would just want to pass out candy but no way, tonight was THE night. We trick or treated till people were turning their porch lights off and we passed out candy till Bob cut us off. It was just the best night! 
I guess I should start with Saturday night first. 
We went to a Halloween festival that had bounce houses, lots of yummy carnival foods, live music and glow in the dark golf.
I pulled off a big chunk of turkey leg for Kenna and she never let it out of her hand.
On Sunday night we had a trunk or treat with our church and it was so fun! Our small group turned a trunk into Noah's ark. You might recognize the raindrops, inspired by Kristen from her twins 2 by 2 party.
They had so many fun games and activities for the kids to do. 
This one cracked me up! Throwing toilet paper into a toilet, ha!
Then there was tonight, Halloween! 
We set a table and chairs out front to show all the trick or treaters we were serious about passing out candy.
My sweet mom made a very last minute trip to come trick or treating with us and it was so great having her here. 
We ended the night with a delicious bowl of fire roasted chipotle chicken tortilla soup and baked pumpkin spice donuts.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! 


Camila said...

Oh my gosh! This is too much! OK first, your hair is gorgeous. I would kill for it. Second, the costumes!! So freaking cute!! The Pippi hair is maybe my fav part. Looks like ya'll had a blast!

Lifethrualinds said...

Are you kidding me with this Pippi. I know I have said it like a million times...but, she is so stinkin cute as Pippi and I can't even believe she knows who Pippi is and watches it. I LOVED it as a kid. Love it!

jojo said...

Had such a fun time being there. You did an amazing job on the costume. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

I-R said...

This is a wonderful post! Your daughter's hair is incredible - may I ask, please, how you did it? Was it with wire or pipe cleaners, woven through her lovely locks?

In Australia, where I am, Halloween has really taken off - a combination of having so many Celtic/British and American folks now living here. We love to decorate for Halloween but it is NOTHING on you guys!

Really, really LOVE your blog - I check in with it every day, in sunny Queensland! Keep up the hilarious and fabulous posts, girls! xx

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