Crochet gifts galore

There has been a plethora of needs from my friends for crochet goodies lately and I am loving it (do people really say plethora?  I had to spell check it...anyway,).
I made a ball that I turned into a rattle.
Which will be impossible for the baby to hold so that was really great thinking on my part.
I made these little baby headbands with bows on them.  I don't know the size of real babies heads and I should have checked with all my friends with newborns but I did not make that happen...
So here is to a random assortment of head sizes.
They are kind of like little baby sweatbands.
The 80s is back...right?
(I don't know why they are on the floor for picture taking.  and why I didn't move the curtain.  I don't know.)
 I made some little loafers
Picnik collage
after I saw these over here. She has some super cute stuff!
(I mean, nothing like Night Owl Designs!)
and a few hats.
Picnik collage
And after hat day, when they had those ugly hats, I thought that maybe I should make my own kids some cuter ones.
It was my first time with the over-the-ear things and I think I made the tie things too short but overall they were pretty easy.
I looked at the free patterns on lion brand's website and that really helped.
(yes, they drew on their lips with markers like lipstick.  avery kind of went for more of a goth look...)
This one is not hot pink enough so no one likes it.  I had to bribe them to try it on :)
Of course last night he would wear the girl one but this morning not the boy one? I don't know.
Sass wanted a turn too.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


jennifer said...

i love them!! everything is so good. i just love all of it! isla needs one of those skinny white headbands with the white bow for her halloween costume!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love the over the ear hats! You busted those out quick after talking about them yesterday. I may have to try those! Love it all!

Unedited Motherhood said...

You always amaze me, where do you get the time to do these with all your little ones.

Nan Burger said...

Great projects and pictures, Kristen! I love your writing style too!

Nan Burger said...

Hi Kristen!

I didn't see an email address on your blog - so I'm putting this on a comment instead! :)

I came across this old-fashioned type pastime and thought it'd be a fun thing for you to do with your kids. The older the child, the more sophisticated the "doll", but even the little ones could do charming little pictures!


Morgan Bender said...

simply amazing! All of it. I think I'm going to have to order those moccasins. You need to teach the kiddos so you can run your own sweatshop!

Lisa said...

So I am waaaay behind on blog reading and just got to this post this morning and I was catching up on your blog. SHUT UP - did Night Owl really get a shout out on LL?! I feel like a celebrity now. :)

Love love love all the new hats and headbands! You are awesome.


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