Weekend Wars and Happy Halloween!

Hope you guys had a great weekend.  We didn't do that much but Jeff worked a little and we had a little family time.
Nothing crazy, but super fun.
Al had a great weekend too, full of halloweeny activities so I will let her blow y'all away with her cute fam and fantastic costumes.
We didn't do much halloweeny but we will tonight!!
Ok, back to the weekend.
On friday I woke up to the this pic that avery drew and taped beside my bed,
Then Sassy drew a pic and insisted that I send it to allison because "she is just gonna love it".
I am sure its in a special language that only sassy and allison understand and I am not even going to try to get in on that.
Then we played outside.
and ben (or sassy) had gone through his draw-all-over-himself thing
Then we tried to extend our knowledge in the ways of the world and got a globe, some books and a map at the bookstore.
Just keeping the written word alive.
Avery loved the map.  And the globe, but she set up her teaching station in front of the globe and I overheard her telling sassy not to just "blurt out" and that the first color ever was purple.  She is full of information that I didn't even know...
We don't have it hung with in any cute way or with anything cute above it...I am working on that.
Right now its just up and they can see where all the pins are where our friends and family live.
(And the pins can easily fall on the floor or be removed and everyone can accidentally step on them. oh well.  no pain no gain.)
And now we have our vampire teeth in and we are ready for tonight..
Happy Halloween!! Hope y'all have a great and safe night!!

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