My son is crazy, I finished the chairs and I made some quick pillows

How about that for a title? 
This is what I woke up to this mornin'
but not just this,
His arms and hands;
His legs too.
And his back.
I asked him if he did it or if Sassy did it, and he said he did it.
Someone is either a liar, or has an amazing stretch armstrong arm to get to his back.
I can think of so many uses for a stretch arm...
I wonder if he did everything he could reach and just not his back or if Sassy did it all.
I guess the truth will come out eventually?
Probably not.
We can never say he is not a fan of color.
Oh, and I finished the chairs.
I was really nervous at first and did not love them.
They are pretttttyyyy bright.
If you are looking at these and kind of cringing because you realize that they don't really go with the walls- its ok, just look away.  And then come back.  They may grow on you?
(Not at night though.  They really only look their best in natural light.)
Oh well.  I am definitely not painting those things again.
That took a lot of paint. And time.
(Pencil by Martha Stewart if you were wondering).
The other day I saw these pillows in Rue and immediately wanted to copy them.
Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 5.22.19 PM
I know they aren't as lush or pretty, but you get the idea.
Ok, they look a sad attempt, but they are done.
I just did a basic envelope pillow. Took just a sec.  Freshly Picked has a great tutorial.
I looked back on it and realized later that the girl I was copying was just a single girl and maybe I am turning my house pink and yellow a little too fast.
Jeff, I hope you don't mind.  You can totally nix the pillows or the chairs.
Here is to a new looking house for now.
Now if I only had a rug to really tie the room together...


Cassie said...

You're hilarious.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chairs. Really, really do. Now I'm looking around my house for something I can paint Pencil :)

And I say every house needs a good pink (really, I just made that up)...Austin lost that battle long ago. I'm not even a pink lover but it just feels right to have it in the house :)

You're inspiring me to get busy!

the tichenor family said...

okay, I LOVE the chairs! so bright and happy! great job mama. do you happen to know what color your breakfast walls are painted? i really love that color.

ben's marker situation is so awesome. i doubt this is the first or the last of unexplainable ben/sassy moments!! so cute!!

you amaze me with what you accomplish with three littles running around. you give me high hopes for the future!!

fromhousetohome said...

Bob and I just cracked up!!!! There is never a dull moment there is there?!!! Actually ONE of them is quite artist! But which one??!!!!

Camila said...

I just laughed out loud at Ben! Remind me to tell you about "show me your manos" some time. Works like a charm on fibbing kiddos.

Jessibee08 said...

I think the chairs are just PERFECT! I love a bit of quirkiness to a somewhat otherwise normal space. You know what would be REALLY fun to add in the yellow, a big canister filled with unsharpened yellow pencils! You are a stud for even making pillows :) my sewing machine has yet to be used since we moved....one day I will find time again!
Hope you are well and feeling settled. Jessica

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