Chalkboard Paint Crazy

And when I say crazy, I mean crazy.  It just hit me and I really ran with it.
At about 4:30 yesterday I up and decided now would be the time to paint my kitchen with chalkboard paint.  I have wanted to do it for a while now, but I don't know what came over me.  Maybe that I had gone like 12 hours without a new project or that my kids were actually napping or that the color in my kitchen finally grossed me out enough that I had to never see it again- I don't know.
But I did it.
(don't judge my clutter.  I am a refrigerator decor hoarder)
and so do the kids.
ben chalking it up
sass chalking it up
Then we took that chalkboard paint and used it to paint some pumpkins.
painting pumpkins from back
They got pretty into that too.
painting pumpkins 4
painting pumpkins 3
Very into painting. Serious face.
painting pumpkins 6
They weren't the prettiest pumpkins around, but they were efficiently painted.
painted pumpkins
and terribly decorated.  I know.  I am not an artist. (as if that was in question)
painted pumpkins 2
and my mother in law got me two of these fantastic chalk boards when she went to round top
fall chalkboard on door
(Do y'all want lessons on how to be an amazing artist? clearly I should give them)
and now I am painting my chairs...
I may need an intervention.
at least its not chalkboard paint :)


the tichenor family said...

you are my hero! i love your kitchen, it looks awesome! and WHAT FUN for your sweet kiddos. they will talk about that chalkboard kitchen the rest of their lives.

can i move in and have you be my mom too?

Misty said...

So much fun

jennifer said...

love it!! i already picked out the chalkboard wall in my house and will start painting asap!!!

Cassie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And when I write it three times in all caps, that means it's for real.

Can't wait to see your chairs!!

PS. I have always loved the color of your door! Did y'all paint it or was it already that color??

fromhousetohome said...

Kristen!!!!! It looks AWESOME!!!!!! And I love the yellow on the chairs! It is all sooo fun! JUST like you!

Michelle said...

thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! i was so excited, as i'm a big fan of you girls over here and read all the time. LOVE all the chalkboard paint projects, too!

Leslie said...

I told Brian about this last night and said Kristen's kids are seriously so stinkin lucky! You are such a fun and great mom and it looks awesome!! Love it!

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