Party Prep!

It's the most wonderful time of the year in our house right now. Party prep time! Ella turns 7 on Saturday (what?!?!) and I am having a house party for the first time in 2 years. I love a house party so much but as the list of people grew bigger we had to take the parties out of the house. Ella's ice cream party was the last time we had it here. 
This will be the last party we have before we move so I wanted it to be extra special for Ella. She is inviting a few of her close friends and we are having an indoor camping sleepover! I am so excited! Months ago after a trip to Poppa's deer lease, Ella couldn't stop talking about a camping party. I ran with it and have had so much fun creating Camp Ella. Turning 7 can be in-tents so what better way to celebrate! 
I saw the idea of an open tent for the invite on pinterest and loved it. I made them on my silhouette.
My vision is to turn the family room into the Great Indoors. Like move all the furniture out, cover the walls with trees and ceilings with navy tablecloths and stars kind of vision. I was a little nervous asking Bob if we could move our ginormous couch and coffee table out for the party but he was great with it! Whatta man.
I wanted each girl to have her own tent and Bob rocked it with his tent making skills. He busted out 10 pop up tents in no time and I am so excited about them! Hopefully each parent will feel the same when I send them home with each kid. 
I bought a white twin sized top sheet from IKEA and then brightened them up with some Rit dye. I was going to attempt to tie dye them but it was an overwhelming amount of fabric so I just dyed them all pink and then dip dyed them in orange. 
I still need to tweak a few things but here is the one I put together. I was going to staple the sheet on but hot glue did the trick. I keep going back and forth with staining the wood but Ella wants to leave it raw so I guess I'll go with the birthday girl's wish. I can't wait to get them all set up in the room! 
Party tees in the works!
Having our house on the market while turning it into a campsite has been a little in-tents too. Luckily (or not so lucky I guess) no one has looked at the house this week. I gave my Realtor a heads up and told her that Wednesday through the weekend might not be the best time to show the house to potential buyers. I will start moving furniture out tomorrow so you know someone will want to come look the second it gets crazy. 
I'll be back with pics of Camp Ella and hopefully a report of all Happy Campers! 


Misty said...

This might be my fave party yet!!!!!! I'm so excited to see it all!

Jennifer said...

This is amazing!!!

Unknown said...

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