McKenna's 4th Birthday Party

So let's just pretend it's close to January 3rd. The day my little crazy K turned 4!!!
We celebrated her birthday over Christmas break while we were still in the Dallas area. We had the party at the American Girl Doll store with all her cousins, best friends and grandparents. I am very new to this whole American Girl doll world so it was a different kind of party for me but I think the kids loved it! McKenna and Ella both got their first dolls for Christmas from my parents. It was perfect timing so they would have a doll to bring to the party. Ella got Isabelle and McKenna got Ivy. McKenna saw Ivy in an old American Girl magazine forever ago and couldn't stop talking about her. Something about Ivy stood out to her and she loved her. Of course Ivy isn't sold in the stores anymore so she was a little harder to find. My mom found a new one on eBay that was thankfully not doubled in price.
We got to the store an hour before the party so that the girls could get their dolls hair done. It makes me laugh as I type this because it does sound a little crazy to stand in line for a doll to go to the hair salon. What's even more insane is that after waiting in line for about an hour, we get to the front where a sign said 2 hour wait time for hair appointments. What?! I''m all about the dream world and pretending like your doll is a real person but it's crazy that it takes longer to get her hair done than it would my own. I explained to the girl that we had a birthday party in about 20 minutes and she sweetly took the dolls from me and fixed their hair. It only took about 2 minutes and cost more then I pay a babysitter for 2 hours. Crazy! I loved every minute of it though and loved that Bob not only wore a pink shirt that I made for him but stood in line and watched with the girls as I prepped the party room. Best girl dad ever!
We hadn't reserved the actual party rooms for McKenna's party because they were more expensive but the store was so crowded that day and when they saw that I came with a life sized box and crafts, they were so nice to let us use the private party rooms at no extra cost! It made the party and I was so happy we had the extra space to move around and a room where we could all hear each other.
I made matching party hats for each girl and their doll and a life size doll box for photos.
I was a little thrown off by the hanging hooks when you walked in the room. I guess you just hang your doll on the wall while you eat? I asked if we could use the highchairs and they gladly brought them for each girl to have for their doll. I mean, why would you have a American Girl party and not have your doll eat with you? The hooks did make for some great pics though.
I ordered doll shirts from Jiminee's Doll Clothes and then bought fabric markers so the girls could create their own shirt for their doll. 
I printed off an American Girl bingo that was fun to play as we waited for the food. 
The food was surprisingly really good and the presentation was fantastic. It was a lot of food for kids but they didn't seem to mind.
I LOVED getting to have my best friends there too!
The day before Christmas McKenna randomly tells me she wanted a Jack in the Box. I got it for her birthday and she was beyond excited about it. She cracks up every time still. Love that kid.
McKenna is pure joy. Absolutely one of the funnest kids I know and has an imagination that I dream of. She comes off as shy at first but once she lets you in her world, you are forever changed. That kid leaves a mark on everyone she meets and is just the sweetest most crazy 4 year old I know. Ella is her favorite person and the love that these sweet sisters have for each other makes my eyes water just thinking about. I pray they always stay this close.
Happy Birthday McKenna!


The Savage's said...

Perfect party! I always love your details!

Unknown said...

Hey Happy birthday McKenna!! Yeah dear I am sure all kids have loved this idea of wearing matching party hats for every girl and their doll too. It seems it was such a fun party for all girls. Well dear I have booked a nice party halls in Bay area for my little girl birthday party.

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Assignment Help

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