Coffee Girl

coffee girl front
So, Avery and her cousin Halie have a coffee shop that they have imagined that they play over at their Nana's house whenever Halie is in town.  They call it Coffee Girl.  They have a menu, fake food, real food, set up- the whole thing.
coffee girl awning
This year Avery wanted to have a Coffee Girl party.  And she wanted it in Paris (where does she get this stuff?! Cracks me up.  We have never been to Paris and she is really such a homebody in real life.  But not in her imagination, I guess.)
coffee girl5
So, I got some brick paper from Michael's, we built this awning using MADE's tutorial, and I had some left over plastic from the twins fishbowl costume to use for the window.
Coffee Girl came alive.
Avery wanted a drop off party.  She invited a few girls from school and she let Sass invite a couple too.  And then Kinley and all the Booth girls.
coffee girl3
coffee girl7
menu 2
hot choc bar2
We used Hot Chocolate instead of coffee and let the girls draw on some aprons and take their coffee/punch cups home with them.
hot chocolate bar
Pics in front of the iconic sign.
al and linds and dylan
girls at coffee girl
I gave all the girls lipstick to wear.  I felt like that was a Parisian thing, right?
wait to be seated
Avery made some coupons for anyone who forgot their wallet.
making aprons
more aprons
shea and allison
party men
dylan loves coffee girl
Look at that baby Dylan! HE was just an angel the entire time and just smiled and cooed and kissed all of Shea's baby dolls that she would let him hold.
sass and ben
me and jeff and shea
ella and sass
adalyn and ella
Look at these beautiful lipsticked cousins.  So stinkin cute.
all the girls in the playhouse
present opening
coffee girl with my best friends
We all had to have a little photoshoot in front of Coffee Girl.  I mean, when in Paris.
smiling coffee girl 2
Even the dads got into it.
coffee boys
Happy birthday my little Coffee Girl.  I love you so much! And though you are strangely out of every pic or in the back- I hope you had the best birthday!
aves in her apron


Misty said...

How did you attach the awning to the wall? I've been reading tutorials all over the place & I don't really want to put holes in my wall…….

I've been looking for a post where Allison made one out of cardboard?? BUT I can't remember what it was for??

I LOVE the look of this one you've made for her party, but IDK how well mine would turn out bc I'd have to sew the sides lol

Jaxon Oakley said...

Nice one.

Victor Kauffman said...

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