Bald Bob

This blog post is so late that Bob has been bald and now has hair again. 
Ever since I have known Bob, he has always had the desire to shave his head. Not completely bald but pretty close to it. I have never really loved the idea. At the end of the summer he had gotten a bad haircut. We were literally driving up the ally to our house when Bob said, "If I'm ever going to do it, now is the time since this haircut makes me look more bald anyway." I told him to go for it! I think that surprised him but also gave him the extra push and his adrenaline was pumping. We walked in the house and went immediately outside. He put the razor in the girls hands and I was ready to video it. It was a classic moment of pure shock from us all. (and of course mom peeing her pants)
It took a while to get used to but I liked it. Bob was the one who didn't love it. Pretty sure he won't be going bald again voluntarily. 

Speaking of videos where Bob makes me laugh so hard I fall to the ground and pee, I will leave you with this one. It might be my favorite. It was after Dignan's birthday party. I was about to break down the cardboard dog house to throw away but Bob had a better idea of how to get it down. Plus he thought it would make the girls laugh. They did not think it was as funny as we did. They both started crying so hard and we couldn't stop laughing. 
Not only does he successfully knock down the dog house, he also takes McKenna out. Probably not our best parenting moment...


Micki said...

The doghouse video still cracks me up! I just watched it 5 times in a row again and same reaction...tears from laughing so hard! Love it!!

The Savage's said...

Listening to you laugh on that first video makes me laugh SO hard! Yall are the funnest :)

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