10 Months

So I dropped the photos of you on your blanket.  I am sure you couldn't care less, but I have to admit that I do feel sort of like a failure.  I have the instagram pics and i love how they are all different so I just went with that.  And you are so much bigger than your blanket now! Which would be cool to document... Let's be honest, the real reason is that I want to use my real camera for those and I can not get it together for long enough to pull it out. WHAT IS MY WORLD COMING TOO.  Ok, I have been this lazy all along it just is really evident now...
Now that the cats out of the bag,
You, shea bean.  10 months is IT.  This is the most fun ever.  I know I say that every month, but it so awesome.  You can almost walk and walk around the furniture everywhere.  You are doing everything so much faster than your sisters and brother I guess to try and keep up with them.  Or you just like to move it move it.  I dont know, but I want you to stop! It is all going so fast!!!
You say mama and dada and cat and dooooog (so cute) and uh oh.  It is the best.  You sing and sing all the time and talk non stop.  You have this new cheese smile where you scrunch up your nose and it is THE CUTEST.
You love to have attention and to have others around you. You still sometimes cry when they get out of the car to go to school and its so sweet.
I got you a baby and you love love that baby.  You give her kisses all the time and when I give her to you you say "ahhhhh" and give her big hugs.  You also just love all babies.  You want to kiss and love on all babies and if you see them across the room you say ahhhh to them until I take you over to them.
You love love to swing too.
And your sisters and brother love to swing you.
And minnie got you these cargo pants and you just crack me up in them so much.
I wish I could stop time and keep you this age FOREVER.
We love you so much and I just cant wait to see what this next month has in store.  But if staying 10 months is an option- I ll take that.

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