Theme Days

Maybe one of my favorite kind of days. 
Every Friday when there is a home game, the school has a theme dress day. We have had so much fun with it! The first one was neon 80's. I heat pressed a lions face with some cool shutter shades on a neon shirt. They looked totally tubular! 
Then is was movie character theme. You can only imagine how many Elsa and Anna's there were that day. 
Construction day was next. I had found some overalls at walmart and the girls couldn't believe I would even buy them. They hated them to put it lightly. McKenna wouldn't even try hers on. I tried to convince them how cool and practical they were. The endless amount of pocket possibilities...
I ended up taking the overalls back and getting an orange vest for Ella and I just taped on some lines with yellow duck tape. McKenna decided against dressing up with the theme for this week.
Super hero day! 
Pink or blue day.
They also had twin day where each one dressed the same as someone in their class. I didn't get a pic of them on blackout day or red, white and blue day. Next Friday is the last dress up day for the football season and I will be sure to get a picture because it is going to be hilarious! 
Senior Citizen dress up day! How funny is that?! I can't wait to see what everyone does for it. 

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