Summer fun!

Yes, I know it's Fall. I also know I have been the worst blogger ever.
Just wanted to catch up on some of our summer fun so I won't forget it.

We had so much fun participating in our first cow appreciation day. I can't believe we have never done this before. It was fantastic! I learned a few things that I won't repeat next year though. Like, NEVER use black glitter on shirts again. We all know I am a fan of glitter and don't mind the mess but this black glitter was overboard. It is still in my car and seems to keep growing. We made our shirts say EAT MORE CHICKEN AND SPARKLE ON! I soon realized that Chickfila spells their words wrong. I'm the worst at spelling so I would have been all over misspelled words. Next year.
We went for lunch with some sweet friends and then went back for dinner when Bob got home.
Ella and her sweet friend Maggie did and art class together and created the most beautiful Pup Picasso painting. 
They also did an art camp at a local church that was so fun. It's so crazy that Ella is old enough to be dropped off at summer camps. So bittersweet. Everyone got a free shirt the first day that was a huge size. We had fun cutting it shorter and bedazzling it with some fun beads.
Ella and McKenna did a Frozen camp together at the dance studio they take at. This was the first time they could be in the same class and it was so fun. They loved getting to go together. At the end of the week, we got to come watch their dance they had been learning. It was the kind of cute that makes your jaw hurt from smiling so big. Love my little Frozen sisters.
Ella finally learned how to blow a bubble! She was beyond excited and so proud of herself. She is a bubble blowing machine now.
We took a much needed Midland trip to visit some of the best of friends. It was a true Casa Grande reunion.
McKenna was in baby heaven with sweet Boone. We took a Then & Now picture of McKenna and Cooper. So crazy to see how much they have grown.
We dyed the girls tips with red kool-aid while we were in Midland too! Ella has a new found obsession with American Girl Dolls and wanted to be just like Isabelle with her pink tips. The kool-aid method worked awesome! I just mix one pack of dark cherry with one cup of hot water. Then held her tips in it for 5 minutes. We didn't wash it out, just let it air dry. It stayed in for almost 2 weeks. It did fade and get lighter but it looked so cool. McKenna's didn't show up because her hair was too dark I guess.
We swam a lot this summer. Ella has got the swimming thing down and almost a dive. McKenna has got the puddle jumper thing down.
We went Peach picking in Fredericksburg one day and it was so much fun. The peaches were amazing, we ate them for weeks.
We played with cousins and celebrated summer birthdays with multiple piƱatas and banners.
We took the girls to a baseball game and made sure they got to experience all the ballpark food.
We went to the skating rink a couple of times. Always a fun adventure there!
I gave the girls their first job opportunity to earn some cash. 2 dollars a piece for picking up dog poop. The first time was hilarious. They were racing around trying to get as much as they good and were so excited every time they found some. It was like an easter egg hunt. But not. Ella loves getting the chance to earn 2 bucks a week and gladly does it. McKenna mostly turns the job down.
We had afternoon tea with JoJo and Poppa as they passed through town one day.
Had multiple "baby showers" for McKenna's dolls. This is one of her favorite things to do right now and it is beyond precious. She picks out a few things from their toys and wraps them up herself. She will put some food and drinks on the table and then invite Ella and I to come to her baby shower. She gives us one of the wrapped presents to then give back to her so she can open it for her baby. We sit and talk about her baby and all the things she does. It's pretty funny. I have got to get one on video before she grows out of this stage.
Bob and I were invited to an adult party during the last weekend of summer. We haven't gone to many of these so we were so excited! The friends that were throwing the party have the last name White so the invite said A White Party, where white if you want. Of course the if part was a total no brainer for me. We love a theme and went all out. I wore my actual wedding dress and we found Bob a white tuxedo on Amazon for 30 bucks! It was so much fun! I was defiantly the only one in my wedding dress but I had no regrets. It was a fun night out.
Even busted out the Nike shocks I wore at my wedding.
Then we ended the summer with some back to school haircuts and blow-dry by aunt Anna. McKenna brought in her doll that she wanted to match again.
All this feels like so long ago! So glad I got it blogged before my mom brain could even go back that far. Now onto some more recent posts...


Carrie said...

Y'all are the cutest and have the most fun summers! I love watching those girls grow up!

Lifethrualinds said...

Love this whole summer update! Those girls are perfect. I am loving Kenna's baby showers. That is so fun!

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