Door Decorating and Homecoming Float

One of the perks of being home room mom is getting to decorate the classroom door. The wannabe teacher deep down inside of me was so excited about this part.
Everyone does a Homecoming door that is related to whatever team we are playing. Our school played the Royals. There were some great doors, I wish I had pictures of them all to share. There was Roll the Royals, Roast the Royals, Rain on the Royals, Reel in the Royals, Wreck the Royals and I went with Rock the Royals. 
I went up to Ella's class one day to take pictures of each kid with some Rockstar accessories. I loved getting to do this with the kids. I read a book to the class first so that everyone would feel more comfortable with me. I read one of my favorite books called "Purple, Green and Yellow." I was so excited about doing this but got so insanely nervous when I sat in front of the class and I could feel my face and neck turning red. Then I caught a glimpse in the mirror at how red I was which made me even more nervous so it just never went away. Ella even asked me why I was so red. Ugh. Way can't I  just be a normal person when it comes to public speaking?!
I gave all the kids a star to decorate and then I called them in the hallway one by one to get their picture. I had a bunch of props and let them pick how much they wanted to put on. Most of the boys just held a guitar but most of the girls went all out and put on as much as they could. One little girl immediately went into rockstar mode and started singing and dancing around. It was awesome! 
I put everyone's picture on their star and used my silhouette to create the Rockstar Lion. I blew it up real big and traced it on my computer screen. It took a while but I loved doing it. 
McKenna's teacher gave me some pictures of each kid in front of the schools lion and told me the door didn't have to be homecoming themed. I went with a basic Lion theme so it could stay up longer than the homecoming week.
Here is a glimpse of my living room after making one of the doors. Bob said it was like someone brought in a wood chipper and put hobby lobby threw it in our house. 

Each grade decorates a wagon for the homecoming float. The homeroom mom from the other Kindergarten class and I worked together on this one and it was so much fun. She had the idea of doing a Royal Flush. I told her I loved it and I just so happen to already have a potty that I had made. Remember the potty piƱata from McKenna's potty party?! I just gave it a face lift and it was perfect. We put it on a checkered floor and had a crown to flush the Royals. They pulled it during halftime at the football game and also at the pep rally.
 I made shirts for the kids to wear that were pulling the float at the pep rally. The kids loved the potty humor!
Turns out we really are #1! We won the game!

I switched the class doors over to a Fall theme last week. McKenna's teacher requested a scarecrow and I got to pick whatever for Ella's so I went with a Fall tree.
Now if it would just feel and look like this outside.


Bailley said...

You are SO talented!!! Such a great room mom! :)

Misty said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the doors & float! I still haven't posted pictures from homecoming & ours was a few weeks ago :/ I have a question about the doors… {you knew I would haha} I did the 1st door for the start of school & am doing the Christmas door- How did you write Happy Fall Y'all? Did you trace it? Is that your handwriting?! We are making a gingerbread house & putting the kids faces on gingerbread bodies. I want to give all the kids gingerbread names & my writing is horrific :/

ps your stripes are just too perfect! && the silhouettes are my favorite!

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