Water Color Eggs

four eggs
Continuing in our eggstravaganza, we made water colored eggs last week.  
sassy decorating 2
Just water colored on some eggs.
sassy decorating 3
Pretty simple and fun.
ben decorating 4
ben decorating 3
two eggs
We also tried glitter glue and glitter and that was a fail.  We were kind of trying the idea behind putting glue dots on the eggs and glittering them, but I didnt have glue dots and drawing on eggs with glue pens is not eggsactly the smoothest (Im here all week, folks).  We are going to get glue dots and try again and see what we can come up with next time.
Oh, and then yesterday I saw watercolored eggs on Oh Happy Day and of course they are much cuter and creative.  I guess I was channeling my inner not-near-as-beautiful-or-creative oh happy day last week and didnt know it.  What what.


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These are so pretty! What a fun idea!


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