Eggciting Start to Easter Season

(I know.  I couldnt help it)
white eggs
We started easter decor off a little early this year.  I mean, thats what happens when you rely on holidays to be the source of entertainment for your kids.  When a holiday is even close to being around the corner you jump on it (it is early this year right??!).  And I need something to get me off the couch from rewatching felicity for like the third time in my life.  Netflix, I love you.  I cant barely make time for anything else in between finding out whats happening with bens gambling, noel, and I hate Eli, while we are on the subject.  Ugh.  Ok, sorry. Yes, easter eggs.
This was just run of the mill decorating this time around.  The usual box from target with colors desolving in vinegar.  My cousins friend sent me the coolest list of ways to decorate eggs and I want to try the natural dyes next. And every other thing on that list.  It is fantastic!
sassy coloring eggs
coloring egg
We put stickers on them that we had left over from other stuff and they really worked to keep the dye off.  We may have pulled them right out of the oven and started coloring them too soon because some of them melted on the eggs and were a little hard to get off.
I baked them this time and it was super easy.  Just 350 for 30 min.  So easy.
and the kids at almost all of them right after.  So I think they tasted about the same.  Hard boiled eggs make me want to vomit, so I cant say for sure, but the kids didnt even notice that I made them different.
Hoppy Easter!


Misty said...

eggcelent idea to bake the eggs! I'm going to give it a try because I hate waiting on the water to boil.

Lifethrualinds said...

I totally want to do this...but, who would eat my eggs!? Awesome that your kids love them. Sassy is beautiful btw.

Laura said...

I never thought about popping them in the oven. Great idea!

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