Photo Dump


1. painting on the porch  2. good but cheesy.  I do love emily giffin though.  I know, I know.  I am reading Diane Keaton's biography since I finished that in one day, and it is really so amazing.  definitely a must read.  especially as a mother.  3.  Snuggles  4. water park!! woo hoo! ben was not into being photographed at all though.  missing out on the group pic ben!  5. olympic training 2028  6. I made shirts for lindsays bday with al and I's and lindsays initials.  sooo dorky. (but so fun!)  7. ben forcing me to watch dinosaurs eating each other...not my favorite show.  8.  matching sleepers at minnie's  9.  pizza party with brooke and will

Hope you guys are having a great friday! woo hoo.  We have really packed it in this week with playdates and water park trips and all kinds of stuff and its been so fun, but I am ready for the weekend.  I get to go family style to celebrate my cousin heather's graduation (and maybe bday! Happy birthday heath! love you so much!) and I cant wait.  Hanging out poolside with all my cousins- dream.
Happy friday y'all.  


BrookeD said...

I love a photo dump!!! :)

Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

Photo dumps are the best in my opinion!
AND LOVE the shirt you made!!! seriously... you need to go into business:)

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