new and improved GAK

Making GAK is a pretty common thing at Kristen and I's house. A few months ago Jeff came up with a genius new way to make GAK. All the ingredients are the same, just a little trick that makes it easier and a little more mess free.
You mix together 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of Borax and set aside. 
In an air tight container (a large mouth nalgene bottle works perfect) pour in a bottle of elmers glue (4oz), 1/2 cup of water and food coloring. 
Close container and give it a good shake. 
Next pour in the water and borax mixture you have set aside. 
Now it's time to really get shaking. You will shake until the GAK forms. It takes a few minutes of good shaking and having a princess and superhero on hand helps too.
When it's done, there should be no runny liquid left over. That was always a problem for me in the original recipe where everything was stirred. DSC_2301
We made an orange batch and a pink batch that then became one:)
Happy GAK making everyone! 


Carrie said...

This will be so much fun for my classroom! They will love the shaking part!

Alexis said...

Does McKenna have fun with this? I would like to try it with my 20month old but wasn't site if that was a little young.

Alexis said...

Sure not site : )

Misty said...

masyn will love to shake it up :) im sure she will sing the shake it off yo gabba gabba song lol

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