New Door & a few Links

yellow door
Just trying something new.  I kind of feel like the circus with the orange curtains and the yellow door, so I am going to have to change one of them...I just cant decide which one yet.
(Have y'all ever said a word over and over and then it kind of becomes not a word anymore?? Thats what I did with yellow while I was making this pic.  Looking at it and saying it- I asked ben and sass what yellow meant and if it was a real word.   Hahahah, I know.  What can I say?  But, really, say 'yellow' over and over and see what happens..  What? Nothing?  Nevermind. Me either.)
I just read this article on memory and memory loss and found it so interesting (this is not the article but I cant find it anywhere! this is just someone's synopsis.  Go buy Elle and read it guys.  It is so good)
Excited about this new record. I love HitRecord and just wish I had skills to collaborate.
Polka dot shorts!! I gotta do it!!
Just made this chicken pot pie on tuesday night and it was amazing.  like so so good.  and I really dont like chicken pot pie.  and there is cream cheese in the crust- how could i resist that. for real.
Loving these feathers.
I want to make this marquee letter.  So cool.
And these cake toppers.
Hope yall are having a great week so far- one more day until friday!! woo hoo!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

I made these tonight, and they were so so good (kids loved it too!). Cream cheese is where it's at! :) (they kind of look too small when you're making them, but bake up perfectly!)


Love the door!!

Misty said...

What shade of yellow is that? I tried and tried to paint our door yellow & gave up & painted it back to the original color. I had the same issue with the color grey in our bathroom- it was either blue or purple or looked like cement.... my grandma finally found the perfect shade for me:)

Brandi said...

What color did you paint the door?

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