We did it!

so, of course we had to copy allison. not her amazing costume-there is no matching the awesomeness of that-but we had to go to Dora LIVE, too.
(at least me, linds and kinley look as excited as we were...)
and it did not disappoint, amigos and amigas.
it was so amazing!
Picnik collage
Lindsay got us these fantastic gift bags full of dora masks (that i have to say, everyone asked where we got them), dora bracelets full of lip gloss, party blowers and so much more. they were so cute and the kids loved them!! they wore the masks all the time, made us wear them and sang all the songs during the show.
Picnik collage
it was really so well done and the actors were so fantastic.
i got shirts at target and some dora jommies to put on after the show for everyone (except ben. poor ben. he and matt were the only boys in our group and there was no diego or boots stuff anywhere. bummer.)
and, even though aves and adalyn had just seen each other, they ran up and hugged like it had been years. it was so sweet. they just love each other and were connected at the hip the whole time.
we went to mcdonalds with linds afterwards and then headed home. i know jeff and ben were so sad they missed such an amazing time!


Anonymous said...

That's sooooo awesome!!!! I sooo wanted to take my babygirl to see Dora Live but the shows were a tad bit to far from where i live :( Well I'm glad everybody enjoyed themselves :)

Lifethrualinds said...

this was over the top so much fun! we miss yall already. come back soon!

the tichenor family said...

I neeeeeeed a daughter, end of story.

This is just too precious for words. You and Alyson (and Allison) need to send me your baby-girl-makin' secrets. We've got ONE MORE try.

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