Nice, free weekend and some chuck e cheese

Whew, what a weekend.
(****and we realized, kind of after we posted the post about lindsay's birthday, that it could definitely be seen as something that should not be put on the blog and that some pictures were not exactly kid friendly. we totally understand if that was offensive to anyone and we tried to take down any pics that could be misconstrued. we did not mean to be offensive in anyway, and the night for us was actually very innocent and fun- but we can see where it can look differently from the outside. we are so sorry for that and for figuring it out after the post!!)
After our night for linds, i went to my parents house, shopped with my mom, met up with blair and mel and spent the night at their house and then had a fantastic lunch with jennifer. it was such a great weekend to have fun and relax.
while i was galavanting off with the girls, jeff was being amazing. he took the kids (and dogs) to my in laws lake house and they had a fun weekend swimming, playing and getting lots of hugs from grandparents. (i was really sad to have missed that!)
and when we got home we realized that the residency crew was going to chuck e cheese, and since it was avery's half birthday on saturday, that seemed like a perfect place to celebrate. we loaded everyone up and they had so much fun.
sass was a little money obsessed...
not her happiest face, but she was not excited to have to stop playing to take a picture. my mom went to crew cuts and got them some new clothes while we were shopping, and the girls loved it. (avery wanted to sleep in the whole outfit until i made her take off the skirt. she put it on again this morning...)
thanks for being patient with us when we are all over the place and for celebrating with us when things are good. hope you all had a great weekend!


the tichenor family said...

How cute are your girlies in their matching white ruffles? Precious!

No clue how anyone could have been offended by your FUN girls night-- it was so clear that it was just fun, innocent, girly fun.

Hope you have a FABULOUS week!

Unknown said...

Sassy's hair is getting so long! such cute girls!

Leslie said...

The girl's room post was NOT offensive at all!! Looks like so much fun and glad I didn't have to show anyone my pole skills. Your girls look so precious eating pizza!! You've had some FUN lately - yay for you!!!!

Lifethrualinds said...

When did Sassy become a grown up?

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