nothin like a wedding weekend

whew. i dont know about you, but i'm tired...i stayed up incredibly late (and forced my husband to stay up with me) to watch the bachelorette after driving home from a long wedding weekend that was a blast. (and she seemed so happy with roberto!)
my cousin, jon mark, married the love of his life, keali, on saturday.
my brothers and sister at the wedding
at this fabulous place with my fabulous cousins.
im getting ahead of myself, though.
brycie and di came over friday night and made these fantastic shirts for a lake weekend coming up (on their first try screen printing!).
we tried to do a turquoise and use the RIT dye website to create the color,
but they did not turn out so good. so we switched to purple.
then we drove home, hung out with blair and mel and then headed out to house of blues for the rehearsal dinner.
jeff and sass eatin.
me and the jam hanging out.
michael and sass. isnt he such a sweet uncle???
jon mark's three brothers and his dad sung "when i grow up i wanna be just like jon mark". super cute.
my gorgeous cousin linds and her andrew
on saturday we headed out to the lake house that my uncle built that is more like a lake resort and its just incredible. they got married and the ceremony was beautiful and then we swam and hung out the next day. it was a blast. and we got to see these guys
and we loved seeing ella again!!
brothers, sis and heather
my gorgeous cousin brazos
i made the girl's dresses and they were so cute, but this is the only pic i have of them in them
and now they are really wrinkled, so ill get back to you on that.
then we hung out with al and ella all day yesterday and had so much fun! it was so great to feel like ol' lubbock days were back. we ate chipotle and ran errands. so much fun. love me a cousin weekend so much.

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lins said...

heather took lots of photos!! i'll email you some good ones of the dresses/put them all on mobile me.

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