Happy Birthday Linds!

Today is our bestest friend lindsay's 28th birthday.
Lindsay is the kinda friend who will be there for you always. Loyal to you- no matter what. never says anything negative about anyone because if she is your friend, she is on your side. she has been through everything with us (elementary and middle school for me, high school with both of us, college, marriage and motherhood to name a few) and we are so thankful for her constant support, encouraging spirit and always 'together' attitude that can get you through any crisis.
she is always up for anything. so much fun. always ready for a spontaneous trip, fun, new experience and time with friends and family.
she is the most amazing mom to kinley and wife to ben. she always encourages us with her attention to details that they all love and her desire to make them happy. goes all out for birthdays, makes amazing presents for her kinley and friends, and just takes the time to pay attention to others.
she never, ever complains. she is busy all the time, has a husband that works and goes to school and she is always thankful for what they have and the experiences that they are going through.
love you so much linds, and so thankful that we both get to be in town together to take you to dinner on your birthday!!


Lifethrualinds said...

Ahhh!!! Thanks so much for the birthday shoutout on Lullaby Lubbock! I just love it!! I am so excited to celebrate with y'all tonight! I love you both too much for words and am so thankful for the many memories we have had and all we will have in the future!! Love, love, love you tons!!

the chirpy bird said...

stumbled across your blog today and just wanted to drop you a little note and say hi! Your families are adorable!
xo tash

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