Six years ago

i married this guy.
and then we had the munch.
and lived in college station while jeff finished his masters and i taught high school english.
and then, jeff got into med school at tech, so we had to leave our fantastic mauve house in CS. loved that house.
we moved in, painted, made the house our own and then found out we were having TWINS during jeffs third year...and then they were two months early. that was a rough year...
but they turned out pretty good.
we learned how to be parents in lubbock, found friends of a lifetime, and made tons of memories (and children).
after four years there, we found out about residency, jeff graduated, we saw this fantastic rainbow, and moved our big fam to tyler.
love you jeff. thanks for a great 6 years full of tons of adventures. cant wait to see what adventures are still ahead...


Blair Wheeler said...

Happy Anniversary! Was it really 6 years ago we were all standing beside you watching you two get married? CONGRATS. I don't know what I'd do without the Barstad family in my life. LOVE YOU ALL.

Shann said...

Happy Anniversary!! We love you guys so much!!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats Kristen and Jeff! Wishing you another great year. Happy Anniversary!

the tichenor family said...

Happy anniversary!!

jordan said...

Fun! We have the same anniversary. we celebrated 7 years! love it.

Leslie said...

LOVE the picture of Jeff and Avery!! I hope that's in her room. You two were/are such a beautiful couple!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Nina said...

Wow, has it really been 6 years?? That is just nuts to me...happy late anniversary love you guys so much! I think you need another baby also :)

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