Dora X8

Lets just start off by saying "awwwww, poor Ben!"
I never got Ben's Diego shirt made and I just feel awful about it. Poor Ben. Someday Ben, someday.
Just a few days before McKenna's arrive I did finally finish all 8 Dora outfits for Ella to give her friends for a very belated Christmas gift.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
All the girls loved them! Everyone sent me picture texts of their girls wearing them. Aves and Sassy wore theirs to school and Lillian and Elizabeth sported them in gymnastics class. I love it!


Jessibee08 said...

hey can you tell me how you made the shirt?? My almost 3 year old wants a DORA birthday party and I really want to make her one of these to wear for her party!!! Thanks so much.

Misty said...

2 things- do you have any tips for sewing the backpack to the shirt? do you have a pic of diegos outfit? thanks!

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